La Grande Roue

LA GRANDE ROUE is one of the biggest and most famous Ferris wheels in the world. For almost half a decade, it flanked as the “Big Wheel of Paris”, the start of the “Champs Elysées”, at the “Place de la Concorde”. Thousands of visitors remember this wheel as one of the most important highlights of their holidays to the “City of Love”: Paris.

Today, this modern and mobile big wheel, 55 m height, starts its trip through Europe. Maybe it will also vist your town? Big metropolises, such as London, Singapore,  Lyon and Paris have already chosen for “The Big Wheel” as an important feature. A Ferris wheel attracts new visitors and opens a new and unknown view on the city.

A ride on “The Big Wheel” is for all age categories : young and old. It unites generations. Thanks to the half-closed design, passengers will get a immense feeling of safety. This allows everybody to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

There are panoramic rides for families with children and  couples in love. Every visitor experiences the ride in LA GRANDE ROUE individually. Throughout the day, you’ll have a wide and panoramic view. By dawn and at night, you’ll be enchanted by the city-lights.