Branding for sponsors and Special Events

“The Big Wheel” is a tourist attraction which can be seen from afar. It will be the center for all special events.  Our “Big Wheel” has stylish neutral colours which makes it possible to put your own company-labels, publicity and catchwords.

The flat parts of the gondolas, the cash desks and the information registers can be provided with publicity an slogans.  The modern LED-lights offer the possibility to project catchwords, publicity and company-labels on outstanding places. A flatscreen TV can be installed at the entrance.

Each of the 42 gondolas offers an audio system for tourist and event information or accompanies you with joyful musing during the ride on the LA GRANDE ROUE.

La Grande Roue Special Events

A special event on “The Big Ferris Wheel” is always a media effective added-value. The concept LA GRANDE ROUE Charity means that political and artistic celebrities help at the cash desk or let people in and out of the gondolas. The profit of these events can be given to charity, local goals or other organizations.

Other events, like jubilees, breakfasts, brunches can be organised in the big gondola, and even a wedding
celebration during the ride on the Ferris wheel is part of our offer. For all your events, we will take care of your professional and thematic decoration and if required we can also comply with your catering demands.

Events with live music on “The Big Ferris Wheel” are a real highlight. Local musicians and even national stars can perform on the platform in front of the LA GRANDE ROUE or even in the gondolas.

Depending on the character of the event or the sponsor, the name can be adjusted.